Passive Income and Microstock Earnings for March 2013

My best month of the year so far, and my 5th best month ever. Also, my highest earning month since last May (Narrowly beating last August). Here’s the breakdown:

Clipartof crushed the competition with 32% of my passive earnings. Shutterstock showed some of its old life with 20%. MyStockVectors was a strong third at 15%. Toon Vectors continued its rise with 11% of earnings. Things were a little slow after that. Dreamstime was sluggish at 7%. Can Stock didn’t even break $100 at 3%. GL and Big Stock were both 2% and Drawshop was 1%. Everybody else was under 1%.

Other than that, there is not too much to report. RPD seemed to slip a little this month. Some of that could be the increase in sales at SS though. Also, it seemed like Big Stock’s subscription sales were building this month. I’m not too pleased about them adding those, so they probably won’t be one of my partners for too much longer.

  1. 13/04/13

    Good job Cory!