Passive Income and Microstock Earnings for July 2012

July was up from June, but it wasn’t anywhere near some of the better months this year. Clipartof was my top seller again at 27% of total earnings. Shutterstock was second at 18%, and my own site was a distant 3rd at 10%. Dreamstime, 123RF, GL and Can Stock followed closely behind at 7-9%. Sales at Toon Vectors picked up this month and they were my 8th best earner at 4% of the total.

On sort of a side note, I’m starting to get concerned about 123RF. Sales have really picked up there. Normally, I would say that is a good thing, but the RPD (royalty per download) is so low there. I don’t really want to eliminate the earnings I get there, but I’m wondering if it is a good idea to remain there for the long term picture. I guess it is one of those unanswerable questions. Do sales there undercut sales I might get at better paying sites?

I’m thinking they do. My reasoning behind that is the quick rise of 123RF. They seem to be doing well with their SEO, and search engine traffic also seems to be the big way that some of the smaller sites like Clipartof, Toon Vectors and my own site get their sales. So, it makes me think that it is hurting my best paying sites the most.

Well, that’s all I’ve got about last month. Feel free to post your thoughts.

  1. benchart

    Congrats again for your good July earnings !
    I’m always positively surprised with the strong Clipartof results. I would have been happy to be part of it, they seem fair and efficient with their artists, but well.
    For my part, I’m very happy because this july was my best month ever since I started microstock illustrations. This is probably going to be in the near future a full revenue in itself.
    By the way, I’m thinking seriously about making my own online store with my images in the future, and I would like to ask some questions about Photostore.
    Was it easy to install for you, and does it take a long time to customize it ?
    Do they offer templates ?

    Thanks and have a good summer


  2. David Baker

    How much does you earn from 1 download from 123rf?? $0.36 same as shutterstock?