Passive Income and Microstock Earnings for June 2012

June started out pretty fast, but dropped off at the end of the month. Overall, it was still a decent month, but not as good as the last couple months. It was better than June 2011 but not quite as good as June 2010.

Clipartof was my best earner again. Shutterstock was a close second. I had a single sale at Shuttestock that I received $120 for, so that helped bump up the earnings there. My own site, MyStockVectors, was a distant third, but it was still about $100 over fourth place Dreamstime.

Speaking of my own site, I’m still plugging away on my goal of 8000 images by the end of the year. I’m over 6800 images now, so I’m getting a lot closer. With half the year left, I should definitely reach 8000.

My only other news is that I pulled the plug on Stockfresh. I liked the fact that they paid 50%, but sales were so few and most sales netted under a dollar. Maybe, they will grow into something more profitable, but I just didn’t really see a great future there.

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