Topic: Sour

In case you didn’t know, has a weekly topic to illustrate for fun. This week’s topic was Sour which means I drew a superhero. Why? I don’t know, but here’s Captain Lemonhead. I think he may be Captain Morgan’s sidekick. Anyway, I was feeling kind of lazy this week, so I just colored the sketch I did in Photoshop instead of redrawing it in Illustrator.

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  1. 08/07/09

    hihi…I ponder what kind of abilities captain lemonhead may posess? squirt lemonjuice into bad guys eyes? great illo!

  2. 08/07/09

    Cute character! Feels like I need him as Jose Cuervo’s sidekick for my tequila shot, not Captain Morgan’s ; )

  3. Reg

    haha nice! i, too, was wondering what kind of powers he has 😛 great illo!

  4. Cory

    Oh, Jose Cuervo! Good one. Tequila that makes more sense than Rum.

    As far as special powers…hmm… Is the ability to make yellow snow a special power?

  5. 08/07/09

    hahhaah.. this is a nice character. instead of superman. we have super lemon. 😀

  6. 08/07/09

    I love your Captain Lemonhead. He would definately have to have an acid shotting gun!

  7. 08/07/10

    aw, i like ‘im! he’s so cheerful!

    a : )