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Before I share my microstock earnings for October, I wanted to give a brief explanation of what microstock is. Microstock companies are very similar to regular stock photography and illustration companies. Artists resell their images as royalty free for a commission. The main difference between stock and microstock is the price. Microstock sites sell images at a much lower price. The philosophy is that the prices are more affordable, so you should get more sales. Think of them as the Walmarts of the stock industry. I have been uploading images for about a year, and, so far, microstock has been fairly profitable for me.I have images at several different microstock sites. Here is the breakdown of my earnings from October 2007: 

Shutterstock – 44%
iStockphoto – 37%
Dreamstime – 11%
StockXpert – 4%
Big Stock Photo – 2%
Fotolia – 2% 

My portfolio is all illustrations, so photography may sell better or worse on some sites. Also, I didn’t want to put an exact dollar figure or how many images I have in my gallery because everyone’s work will sell a little differently. All that said, this should give you a rough idea of which sites are the best earners.

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